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Our Mission

Blue Legacy Educational Solutions, LLC. is dedicated to assisting and equipping educators, business owners, corporations and organizations with proven research-based strategies and transformative ideas that increase overall performance, achievement and engagement.

We are committed to developing innovative and  specific plans that empower people to take charge of their individual learning and understanding.  Our consultations and training's develop the critical skills needed in today’s global society. Blue Legacy promotes a philosophy that embraces authenticity, compassion, and creativity.

These values allow us to equip educators, stakeholders, corporations and business partners with the tools to improve their entire system of education, equity and inclusivity.  

The methods Blue Legacy uses are proven through North Carolina EVAAS data. See why our CEO, Lisa Nakawatase, is in the top 2% of most effective educators in North Carolina by calling us today for your FREE assessment!

Blue Legacy is devoted to providing schools, businesses and organizations with the necessary tools to create a safe place to live, learn, work and grow. 

B.L's Mission: About
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